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Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs!

Silvia Stagg, Republican Candidate Write-In

2012, 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036 2040, 2044…

…until we get there!


State By State Declarations-Certifications-Intent of Candidacy Write-In Ballot-Applications For Presidential General Election 2016 – 2020 – 2024 – 2028 – 2032 – 2036 – 2040 – 2044…until we get there!


15 STATE 2020 Registered Voter Signature Petition


FEC Filing History 2011 – 2016

Including 2020 FEC Forms 1-2


FEC 3P FILING OCT 11-2016 w/Declaration

To Continue To 2020 Presidential Candidacy!

2011 – 2044…until we get there!

Republican Presidential Candidate Write-In Ballot

For 2020 -2040 General Elections…until we get there!


3)   Military Service: 

A) Military Service Is Delayed Until Every Enlisted Person-Military Officer/Cadet (preferably while in High School-College) has Completed a Four Year or Five Year Bachelor’s Degree (120 – 150 College Credits). There is No Draft – There is No Subscription! Boot Camp is once monthly and builds strong bodies and strong minds! Women are welcome in boot camp but NOT in the Front Lines in the battlefield. There is more Freedom In the US Military and choice of Combative Assignments and Personal Safety are Respected. Taking the Initiative to Complete Assignments Is Allowed. Whistle Blowers will NOT Be Punished! In a Good Gnome Society, Whistle Blowers will most likely NOT be necessary. Communications-Media-Medical-Nursing-Computer-Library-Office Staff Are Acceptable Positions For Women in the US Military.

B) All Educational Expenses Are Paid for by the US Government-US Military-Military via Grants-Scholarships-Student Loans. Before any person may serve in the US Military-Military for Four to Five years, they must first complete a Bachelor Degree Program of their choosing making service in any Military delayed until about the 21/Twenty One or 22/Twenty Two years of age and Not 18/Eighteen years of age.

C) War Will Not Be Necessary, But Most Trusted and US Military Will Be Prepared! Most Trusted Socioeconomic Programs And Staff Are More Than On Par with Government Power!  Good Gnome Downsized-Consolidated Government Civil Service Staff – and Elected-Appointed Officials Will Be Held Accountable To the Law.

D) Additionally, All Government-Military Is Limited to on-planet only Contrary To Interim Status By Trump Administration Necessary US-China Aerospace Status Problems Since former President William Jefferson Clinton Perpetrated Espionage Giving Our Advanced Aerospace Rocketry and Advanced Nuclear Power Submarine Technological Designs To Chinese Nationals Allowing Them To Seek/Obtain Employment in USA Technology Design Houses. These Are Verifiable Espionage Cases Adjudicated With Which The Clintons Escaped Prosecution Along With Illegal Brain Tapping Of USA/Caucasian Scientists By Indigenous Oriental-Black-Indian Moles


The Final Aerospace Mission Of The Endeavor

Article and Photos by The Atlantic Magazine













History Of The Space Shuttle

Article and Photos by The Atlantic Magazine



above Left To Right:  Star Trek Crew, Actors Leonard Nimoy…








Above: Astronaut Sally Ride





Above: Teacher and Astronaut Christa McAullife







The Space Shuttle On The Streets of Los Angeles – California By The Atlantic Magazine













State of Minnesota Secretary of State

Att: Director, Division of Elections

180 State Office Building

100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

St. Paul, Minnesota 55155-1299

Phone: 651-215-1440


2016 – 2020 Ballot Access Filing Status – History

Minnesota3OathsNotarizations.pdf »

Below: MN Residents Kindly Assist!

Signatures Needed For 3 Petitions For Ballot Access

(1) Petition In Lieu of Filing Fees

(2) Electors (3) Partisan Office

2016 – 2020 Ballot Access Status – History

2020 Ballot Access Status – History

2020 Filed – Accepted w/Form!

2020 MINNESOTA Will Continue To Allow State

Presidential Primaries and Presidential Candidate Write-In Ballot!



Republican Party of Minnesota

2200 East Franklin Avenue, Suite 201

Minneapolis – Minnesota 55404

Phone: 651-222-0022 – Fax: 651-224-4122



(2) WASHINGTONAccepted! W/New 2020 Declaration of Candidate Form. On Election Day,NOV 3-2020, On The Ballot In The Space Provided, Kindly Write-In My Name: ‘SILVIA STAGG.





Washington State Secretary of State

Attention: Director, Division of Elections

520 Union Avenue SE – PO Box 40229

Olympia, Washington 98504 – 0229

Phone: 360-902-4180  – Fax: 360-664-4619

Elections Emails:

Another Address

Public Disclosure Commission

711 Capitol Way, Room 206 – PO Box 40908

Olympic –  Washington 98504-0908


2016 – 2020 Ballot Access Status – History

Above: Washington Residents! Kindly Assist With Signatures For Petition In Lieu of Filing Fees For Silvia Stagg To Ballot Access In The State of Washington!
Compliance With New Washington Declaration Write-In Presidential Can Form
Kindly Refer To Washington Presidential Candidate Response/Acceptance Letter!
Ballot Access Form For Presidential Write-In Candidate Be Filed In Washington State Without The Required Caucus 1,000 Voter Signatures!



New York State Board of Elections

40 North Pearl Street Suite 5

Albany, New York 12214-7229

Tel: 518-474-6220, 518-474-8100


2016 – 2020 Ballot Access Status – History

Public Notice: As Per New York Board Of Elections
Silvia Stagg Requires A Vice President To Be Placed On Ballot As A Write-In Presidential Candidate! All Suitable Vice Presidential Candidates Kindly Apply To Silvia Stagg At:

Above: Kindly Review New York State May 

2016 – 2020 Ballot Access Forms

Above: NY Residents Kindly Assist With Signatures For 3 Petitions:
(1) Opportunity To Ballot Access
(2) Designating Petition
(3) Independent Petition
Above: Notice of Acceptance If Chosen As New York State Republican Party Presidential Challenger!
Citizens, Inquire For Dates As They Have Changed For The 4 Big States of NY-CA-TX-FL for the New 2020 Filing Deadlines! I Filed New/former Ballot Access Forms!

New York State Republican State Committee

315 State Street – Albany, New York 12210

Tel: 518-462-2601

Fax: 1/518-449-7443



Citizens, Inquire For Dates As They Have Changed For The 4 Big States of NY-CA-TX-FL for the New 2020 Filing Deadlines! I filed new/former Ballot Access Forms!

2020 Texas Required Ballot Access Forms Required

(1) Texas Presidential Elector Forms (38 Notarized TX Resident Presidential Elector Forms Notarized/38 Notarized Candidate Endorsements Required)

(2) Texas Declaration of Write-In Candidacy For President Consent of Write-In Candidacy For Vice President


Elections Emails/Two Filings:,

The Above May 2013 Ballot Access Application Was Successful! See FLA Acceptance!
Former Florida Ballot Access Submission with First Two Responses
“Upon receiving the March 2012 Letter From FLA Div-Of-Elections, I Resent Florida DIV-OF-Elec Proof of US Citizenship, etc. and via Electronic Submission Again with Updates…” – Silvia Stagg

2016 – 2020 Ballot Access Forms

Below: Mailing & Physical Addresses (Check Address): 

Republican Party of Florida

420 E Jefferson Street

P.O. Box 311

Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Tel: 850-222-7920

Republican Party Of Florida

420 E. Jefferson Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Phone: (850) 222-7920

Fax: (850) 681-0184


General Inquires Email:


Media Contact:

Media Contact:

State Rep Party Footer Contact Info

420 E. Jefferson Street

Tallahassee –  Florida 32301

P: (850) 222 7920 – F: (850) 681 0184



Final Response From Florida!


Floridians, For 2020 General Elections, Kindly File Ballot Access Forms No Later Than July/August 2019!

2020 Ballot Access Status – History

2020 Refiled – Status Pending

Elections Email:

Elections Email:

2016 Ballot Access Status -History


Candidate Guide For USA!
1 MB

2020 Ballot Access Status -History

2020 Refiled – Accepted



Indiana Secretary of State

Indiana Election Division

Office of the Secretary of State

Indiana Government Center

302 West Washington Street

Room 204

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Tel: 317 – 233 – 3939 – Tel: 1.800 – 622 – 4941


2016 Ballot Access Status – History

Candidate Guide For USA!

Preview attachment IndianaCandidateGuide2012.pdf

924 KB

Preview attachment MT2012PresidentialCandidateInformation.pdf

2020 Ballot Access Statu – History

2020 Filed – Status Pending


Indiana Republican Party

47 S Meridian Street, 2nd Floor

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Tel: 317/635-7561, 1/800-466-1087

Fax: 317/632-8510





Georgia Secretary of State State

Mr. Brian Kemp, SOS

214 State Capitol – Atlanta, Georgia 30334


Ms. Linda Ford

Director – Division of Elections

2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive S.E.

Suite 802 West Tower

Atlanta Georgia 30334

2016 – 2020 Ballot Access Status – History

Candidate Guide For USA!

Preview attachment GeorgiaTraining&CandidateGuide.pdf

602 KB


Georgia Republican Party

P.O. Box 550008 – Atlanta, Georgia 30355

Tel: 404.257.5559 – Fax: 404.257.0779





Arizona Secretary of State – Elections

1700 W. Washington Street – 7th Floor Phoenix

Arizona 85007-2888

Tel: 602 – 542 – 8683

Fax: 602 – 542 – 6172

Elections Email:

2016 – 2020 Arizona Ballot Access Status – History!

Arizona Candidate Guidebook and Forms

arizonacandidatehandbook-09222014143800.pdf – Google Drive

arizonaelectionsinfochecklistformsforballotaccess-10032014110448.pdf -GoogleDrive


Nebraska Republican Party

1610 N Street Lincoln NE 68508

Tel: 402 – 475 – 2122






Mississippi Secretary of State

Mississippi Republican Party

415 Yazoo Street – Jackson MS 39201


P.O. Box 60 – Jackson – MS 39205

Tel: 601 – 948 – 5191 – Fax: 601 – 354 – 0912

Email Exec Director:

2011 – 2044…until we get there!

Republican Presidential Candidate Write-In Ballot

For 2020 -2040 General Elections…until we get there!


Ten 2016 State Ballot Access Responses For Silvia Stagg

Seven 2016 State Ballot Access Responses For Silvia Stagg




Music From Roy Brown An American Who Migrated To Puerto Rico

and Fell In Love with Puerto Rico and The People!


Posted 4.4.2019

Sen. Rick Scott, Puerto Rico Officials to Democrats: Stop Stalling Disaster Relief

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Yesterday, Senator Rick Scott called on Chuck Schumer and Democrats to recognize their hypocrisy in refusing to support a major disaster relief package that would help Florida and Puerto Rico recover from Hurricanes Michael and Maria. Puerto Rico officials joined Senator Scott in this call for immediate action to pass critical relief funding for families in need.


World War II: The Holocaust



Your Campaign Contributions

Are Always Needed!

Only US Citizens and US Residents Are Allowed To Give Campaign Contributions To US Candidates and Contributions are generally limited to Twenty Five Hundred – Five Thousand US Dollars (US$2,500.00 – US$5,000.00) Per Person Per Primary-General Election Cycle, Total Per Person: US$5,000.00!  Additionally, we rarely have Runoffs. Yet, Runoffs allow for another $2,500.00 in Contributions per person. 

However, I can receive Monies from any National Security Witness as a well known Civil-Human Rights Victim  (Congressional-Federal-State Crime Victim) regarding National Security Issues!

Regarding my Presidential Candidacy Write-In Ballot, you may wish to Contact FEC/Federal Elections Commission  (999 E St NW Wash-DC 20463 T: 800-424-9530 F: 202-501-3413 I: for Forms-Information regarding necessary filing of FEC Forms for those making Campaign Contributions.  Anyone making Contributions to Silvia Stagg, as a National Security Victim Witness may do so without FEC Forms.

To Send Cash To: Silvia Stagg In Miami Florida 

(Dade County) 

via Money Wire/Money Transfer,


– MoneyGram Cash – English Speaking: 1-800MoneyGram 

– MoneyGram Cash – Spanish Speaking: 1-800-955-7777

– Western Union Cash – Telephone: 1-800-225-5227


– Western Union Cash:

– MoneyGram Cash:


Another Method of Sending Funds To Silvia Stagg

Kindly Mail via US Postal Certified Return Receipt

or Registered Return Receipt,

or EXPRESS Mail Donations To:


Silvia Stagg

Silvia Stagg For President Campaign Committee

1101 Brickell Ave #310223 Miami FLA 33231


Try Former Methods of Payment Undergoing Transition

For Sending Donations Via Bank

Bank of America, NY 7-129-01-01 1900 Pine Ave Niagara Falls, NY 14301 – USA Customer Service Telephone: 1-800-432-1000 Bank T: 1-716-285-9268  Bank Fax: 1-716-286-7056

Bank of America Routing Numbers

1)    International Wire:   BOFAUS3N

2)    Domestic Wire:        026009593

3)    Domestic Non Wire-Direct Deposit Routing No.: 021000322

Bank of America Bank Account Numbers

1) Silvia Stagg’s Personal Savings Account

      Number: 483032906838

1) Silvia Stagg’s Campaign Account

      Number: 485010883531


Silvia Stagg

Silvia Stagg For President Campaign Committee

1101 Brickell Ave #310223 Miami FLA 33231

Cell: 305-316-0127

Kindly Contact Silvia Stagg Via Email Upon Donating! 

Thank you! Silvia Stagg


See Instagram To View Photos by Silvia Stagg:

silvia.stagg and stagg.silvia


AMERICANA – Nighttime at Times Square, NYC. New York City, New York, November 2012. (Doug Van de Zande/Raleigh, North Carolina/

Public Service Announcement – Please Support – – – –

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